Friday, April 10, 2015

Enjoying the present

There always seems to be something I'm looking forward to...

Spring weather 
My kid's birthday parties
Summer fun
Fall weather
Date nights with the hubby
Shopping time
Spring Break Vacay
End of the school year 
Beginning of the school year 

This list just goes on + on...

But for those times when there is not really anything in particular to look forward's kind of a let down. I'm not going to lie.

Like when your special thing you're looking forward to is...over? Then it's on to the next thing. 

For example it is so exciting to prepare for a vacation. Getting it booked. Dreaming about the scenery there and how relaxing it will be. Getting clothes for the trip. Thinking about all the fun things you will be doing. But when it is over, it's kind of sad that all that planning is done and the vacation is over. However, I do always enjoy coming home. Because I love being home with my family.

Or I can remember to my wedding day. My beautiful wedding :). All the planning, preparing and excitement prior to and during. Then the day after we went on our honeymoon. Which was full of even more excitement. Returning to our real life in our new home as a couple was also exciting. But the big fancy wedding and honeymoon was over. And it seemed like forever that I was waiting for it.

 Not all the time is this true. For example I love preparing for Christmas and looking forward to spending time celebrating Jesus' birth and being with family. Not to mention seeing my cute kiddos excitement when they open their gifts. I actually enjoy the day after Christmas, too. Because generally it's a relaxing day and fun to reminisce. And it's my sweet Mom's Birthday! Which is very fun to celebrate.

With all the exciting things that will be happening in the FUTURE...what about the PRESENT. 

The today? The NOW? 

My sweet and amazing friend from Bible study posted this recently:

I Was Dying
First I was dying to finish high school and start college.
And then I was dying to finish college and start working.
And then I was dying to marry and have children.
And then I was dying for my children to grow old enough for school so I could return to work.
And then I was dying to retire. 
And now, I am dying. .. and suddenly I realize I forgot to live.

Anonymous. Submitted by Nicole Zablocki
Find it HERE 

How true is this? It is definitely a great reminder. I remember when I was in H.S. looking forward to college. Then being done with college and working as an RN. Then I had babies and all I wanted to do was be with them as much as possible. And now that I have one in 1st grade and another headed to Kindergarten next year, I want to spend as much time in the "now" as possible. I want to soak in the time at home with my littles. Because before I know it they will be having littles of their own.

Live in the moment. Be excited about the day you are living now. Make the most out of it. Love who you are and what your calling in life is. I know I need to work on this and remind myself daily. 

Jamie :)

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