Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Joy in a Child's eyes

We've had some really beautiful weather. Last week we had the perfect opportunity to blow some bubbles in the yard. My kids were having a blast running after the ones I was blowing.  And they loved catching and stomping on them. 

Pure joy on their sweet faces!

To watch Troy's expressions when he would catch a bubble and to listen to his giggles & cheers was so refreshing. And then he said it was my turn and wanted to blow them for me to catch. At first I just tried to catch the ones within reach. But he shouted "Mom, get them!! Quick!!" He wanted me to run after those sparkling bubbles as he was. So I started having more fun with it and ran after them with giddy excitement on my face.  

And he was having just as much fun blowing them for me and watching me run after them as he was when it was his turn. I love that! In a child's eyes, those amazing, flying bubbles are so magical. They are one of the only up close things that fly. And children can make them fly all by themselves. Being able to do that is a beautiful feeling. 


The other day I was vacuuming and found lots of change under the seats, stuck in tiny crevices. I was in a hurry vacuuming while the kids were napping and at first was just vacuuming up the dirty pennies that were really hard to reach. And I thought I'd maybe get them out of the big shop vac canister when I was finished. Maybe.

And THEN I remembered what Austin and Troy do when they see a penny on the side of the road. They RUSH to it and pick it up and stuff it in their pocket.

And they excitedly shout "Look, Mom! I found money!!"

So excited about a penny. What would they do about those pennies under the seats? They would dig their little hands in there and try to be the first to get the coins. They would be grateful.

And at that thought I quickly picked up the penny I was eyeing to vacuum up and stuffed it in my back pocket. It may be just a penny but it still adds up. And I smiled thinking about my sweet kids.

Kids give us great perspective. Whether it be from watching our own child, a niece/nephew, cousin, friend's child or a child at the park.

Jamie :)

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