Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesdays: All about those names

I'm joining the linky party with Andrea @ Momfessionals and talking all about about names.

Starting off with my name.... JAMIE LEE

My Mom and Dad loved the name Jamie and just knew they wanted to name me that. And my middle name is after my Aunt Karen. She is my Mom's only sister and she is extremely special to me. Funny thing is growing up I went by "Jamie Lee." And I honestly thought it was my first name not knowing what my middle name was then. Until I came into middle school and started just going by Jamie just because it was shorter. I still would sign my name on some things as Jamie Lee. My Mom addresses me on cards and such as Jamie Lee and I love it! 

Our first born son, AUSTIN WILLIAM

I show this picture because Austin still believes we named him after the wrestler, Steve Austin. He checked this book out at the school library last year. We didn't name him after him and I have tried to correct Austin but he is certain ;). 

I absolutely loved the name Austin when we were discussing names after finding out I was pregnant.  The girl name we had in mind was Ava. My husband is William III (goes by Billy). And therefore, we were possibly going to name Austin --->William the 4th. However, I thought it would just be too confusing. So we definitely wanted his middle name to be William. And his name is so fitting to him. He just looks like a handsome Austin William. 

Onto our second son, TROY MARKUS

I was on the table after I had just found out we were having a boy from the ultrasound tech. And the sweet lady asked if we were set on a name, yet. We weren't. She said "You know what name I haven't heard for so long? Troy." And I agreed that was a nice name. After she left the room, my Husband said "I REALLY like that name." At first I wasn't so sure because I wanted it to be 2 syllables since our last name is 1 syllable. But it definitely grew on me and I thought it was perfect. His middle name, Markus, is after my Dad. His name is Mark, but again I was thinking about the syllables so added the "us." :) And he sure is a Troy!

I just love reminiscing about names! Such a fun and big decision :)


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