Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring Break '15: Part 2

Since Austin got the chance to go on the big deep sea fishing excursion that I talked about here, Troy got the choice of something fun he would like to do. 

Mini-golfing he chose! And ice-cream at "Coneheads" afterwards. There were 2 super cute mini golf places close by but we chose this one with the pirate ship. It was 18 holes and all were very unique. I didn't play but the 4 boys did. 

He mainly just wanted to hit that golf ball as hard and far as he could :). 

Having a great time!

This boy also was crazy for the sand and water at the beach. 

Running free like he loves to do.

We decided to spend a day walking downtown. Austin and Boppa had a good time reading the signs. At this exact Church, Martin Luther King spoke.

And he stayed overnight in this house.

Austin enjoys learning about all that special history stuff. And he really is inspired by the amazing things that Martin Luther King has done for our country.

"Martin Luther King Slept Here"

There was a really cool Pirate Museum and of course, this little guy wanted in. He got the chance to meet this pirate. Who even gave the kiddos a special golden coin. Troy was pretty astonished!

These kids loved this serious pirate. 

With my sweet Mom!

No flash photography in the museum for fear of ruining the old artifacts. But I still got some decent pics. 

Troy was digging all those big swords.

Steering the big wheel. 

More reading for this big 1st grader.

Arggghhhh! Trying our best pirate face.

The hubby and I.

My Dad loves history and he will read every single thing there is to read. He is a history lover and I love that quality of his. 

After that exhibit, we walked. And started listening to some awesome music and hung with this decked out dog. Apparently the dog use to do tricks in his younger days but now just sits and people watches. Still super adorable.

The kids didn't want to leave.

This free magic show was really neat! The guy with the pink sleeves said "No photography during my magic show because I don't want to give any tricks away and mostly because my Mom thinks I'm a lawyer!" 

Haha! So funny!! And the show was honestly really mind boggling! Stuff was flying and his wallet was in flames. Cool stuff!

After all that walking and sight seeing it was beach time. This lil boy was so excited!!

With his slingshot ready :).

Me and my boys!

And with my Dad.

He told me "Look, Mom, I'm a lizard." He was not at all scared of the chilly water. He had the best time in it.

And Daddy was going to put this big boy right into the water. 

But he didn't. Just a little tease :)

Austin took these photos for me. I love that he can do that now. There were many outtakes but we still got some cute ones. 

Loved the time with the wonderful man on vacation.

Jamie :)

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