Wednesday, November 4, 2015

When all seems right in the world again...

On tough days it is amazing what a simple thing can do to lighten your feelings. 

My cute 4 year old was busy playing with toys in his "fort" as he loves to do. He wanted me to close my eyes because he had something for me. I did so and he was very adamant that I don't open them until he said so. 

So, I waited and waited. 

Then I felt his sweet and warm hands touching my finger wiggling something on there. When I was allowed to open my eyes, I see that he placed this big plastic ring with a bow on my finger. 

Then he ran away excitedly. 

Awe! My heart melted into a puddle and I gave him the biggest hug (and may have shed a tear).

 Such a sweet surprise! His heart is so kind!

....And all is right in the world again :). 

And then he gives me a fake shot in my arm and takes some of my blood and tells me I'm brave. That little charmer has my heart forever and ever. 

Here we are after he put the ring on my finger :). The picture is blurry and perfect at the same time! I've come to realize that it is hard sometimes to get a "still" picture. And I will accept that because in this season of life, that's how it is with playful kids. I will cherish the blurry pictures because they are so special.

Like this sweet friend of mine who took a 2 hour walk with me on a beautiful fall day. She's such a blessing in my life! Her kindness shines for all to see and I love her so much. Spending time with friends is so precious!

And the perfect timing for a specific devotion from "Our Daily Bread."

"Time spent in prayer is always time well spent." I love that! We will never regret praying and praying. 

I am so very thankful for these special moments to treasure. They seem to turn up while being intentional about watching and listening for. 

Blessings to you, Jamie

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