Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Don't worry, be happy!

Happy January! We've had some fun over at the Ross home these past couple days. We painted, made popcorn from our new popcorn maker we got for Christmas, we made card houses, played with boxes and played Trouble. I love these little boys so much!

And here is my tired Troy boy. He put up a good fit about not wanting to wear snowpants to go outside. I finally convinced him to put them on then he didn't want to wear gloves. So I let him sit at the top of the stairs while I cleaned up breakfast. I was hopeful he would change his mind and put the gloves on. But oh no, after all that, he fell asleep. Poor little tired boy.
The devotional I'm reading right now is "Heaven Calling" By: Zondervan. It is wonderful! Each day there is a Bible verse, a couple paragraphs written to YOU from God, a prayer, and some verses to read on your own. It is really inspiring. A couple days ago the topic was on worries. and it couldn't have spoken clearer to me. My favorite part of the devotional was the last paragraph "Rest assured that I have everything under control in your life too. Just give me your worries, child. In exchange, I'll give you my peace." That couldn't have been written any more beautifully. That is exactly what God wants from us, He wants us to TRUST IN HIM! Read Genesis 7. There it speaks about Noah building the ark and how God did not want him to worry about how the animals would enter the ark because that was all taken care of by God. Noah needed to build the ark and leave the rest up to God. I will let God take the lead and just trust in Him. I'll take ONE PRECIOUS DAY AT A TIME. Pick up "Heaven Calling", you won't regret it!

Jamie :)

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