Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Birthday recap/Tuesday's Top 3 Best 3 year old toys

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Troy just turned the big THREE last Friday! 

I can hardly believe it. I blogged here about his birth story and included a bunch of photos from his past 3 years (in total random order :) ). 

We had a pretty low key birthday for him at home on Friday. I decorated for him the night before, we ate cupcakes and opened gifts. The day after we went to the water park!

This guy had a blast. He went on a double tube with me down the slide. It was "EPIC!" as Austin put it :).

My beautiful Mama!

B ball dunks with Daddy. Troy wanted to do this over & over! Adorable. Possible b ball player?? I'd say football or soccer for sure! He loves throwing/kicking balls around the house. 

 It was so much fun! We invited the family who also had a great time. Troy ate 2 pieces of pizza & a large piece of cake. He had a Tom & Jerry cake. He just loves that show!! And he wanted the Tom piece. So what did Daddy do? He took a hole right from the middle of the cake in order to give the birthday boy just what he wanted.

 Good Daddy he is! Troy enjoyed it so much. Troy had a blast in the beginning of his party but ended up getting the stomach flu later on :( Poor little guy. So Daddy took him home to take a nap and I stayed with Austin & the rest of the family for awhile longer. I'm so grateful that the next morning he was back to his old self. 

For the top 3 best 3 year old toys.... 

1.) This Chicco red bullet balance bike. We bought it here.

Product Details

He's been having a lot of fun riding it around the house. He carries it upstairs and downstairs. It is adorable how much he likes it. I can't wait for the snow to melt so he can use it outside :). 

2.) These Magformers. We bought them here

Product Details

He and Austin have had a great time creating different shapes and towers. Such a cool cool toy. I never have really seen them before. But I really recommend them. Hours of fun in a box!! #endlesscreations

3.) This cute book. If you have a 3 year old going to preschool, THIS is the book to get them. My sweet sister and her fam got Troy this. He AND Austin loved it! And when I dropped off Troy today...there was no crying or sadness. He kissed and hugged me good bye. He also met a friend right away. Praise God! :)

Product Details
Jamie :)

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