Thursday, July 31, 2014

Friday Favorites #2

Happy AUGUST 1st everybody!

 WOW! I can't even believe I'm typing that :). 

Next month my 6 year old will be in the First grade....and I'll be crying. But, I'll put on my brave Mommy face for him so he isn't nervous! :) That's what I did last year when he started Kindergarten. We found out his teacher and were super excited to get all the info. And Troy will be going to preschool 3 days a week! 

We are going to soak up every ounce left of summer!!

Onto my Friday Favorites, which is a bit random again :)!


1.) This top from American Eagle Outfitters is one of my very favorites! I don't usually go for white clothing but I'm glad I went for this. I love it. I paired it with some destructed skinny jeans and heels. It also is very reasonably priced. 

Check it out HERE

2.) So, I kinda got hooked on "The Bachelorette" recently. I was excited to watch the Finale. I just knew that Josh and Andi would end up being together. They just look like a beautiful couple. And from what I've seen online, Josh has faith, so that's great! 
But I totally laughed out loud when Chris had the "grumpy cat" brought out at later in the show. This was because Andi makes a frown often. It was too funny, really! Click HERE if you want to see the official website for this cat. :)

Here's a picture I took. See her holding the cat?

3.) Exciting mail right here! One of my besties, Crystal, is a photography. And she does amazing work! :) Plus she has a heart of pure gold. 

She just took family photos for us and I absolutely love them so much!! One of the family photos will definitely be getting itself on a giant canvas. I can't wait! Check Crystal's Photography out HERE.

Happy August 1st to you!

Jamie :)


  1. You are too sweet! I loved catching up on your blog, lots of great stuff to read! You are the sweetest person. See you tonight at dinner!

  2. Thank you so much! And I think you are like the sweetest person :)! See ya lata friend!