Monday, November 3, 2014

I see you getting older...

Dear Austin,

I see you getting older, Austin. You use to enjoy spending time together cuddled on the couch reading books, watching Mickey Mouse's Christmas or Bob the Builder over and over and playing pretend kitchen. Now you'd much rather spend time hunting or fishing with Daddy. You love practicing your bow. It makes me feel special when you want me to watch you get a bull's eye. And when you're willing to teach me since I have no idea ;). You give me reminders on how to fish. I've been fishing since I was a little girl but you take the initiative and try to help me be a better fisher woman. And you know more about fishing lures than I ever will. The summer after you were first born, you and I would take a walk every day in your stroller around our neighborhood. Now you can ride your bike faster than I can run and can play basketball, football, soccer and baseball like a pro.

I can tell you're getting older when you come home from school eager to complete your homework. You can read a book to yourself now with little to no help from me. You can sound out words on signs we are driving by. But, at bedtime when you want me to read one of your past favorite books I am happy. Those past favorites include: "Little critter" or "Arthur" books which you would enjoy over and over.

You are tall enough now where you don't need the bench in the bathroom to reach the sink. You want a regular adult toothbrush now. Just last year you preferred a Sponge Bob Square Pants toothbrush or a Ninja Turtle Spin brush. When you do want me to brush your teeth, I happily agree. :)

Just last year after wrestling practice you would want to take a bath and play in the tub. And you would not be happy about taking a shower. But now you'd much rather take a shower and relax. You also like to use Daddy's "Man soap" versus my natural Citrus-mint soap I have for you kids. You like me to smell your skin afterwards because you love the smell. When you are a bit stinky after playing sports, you think it is hilarious for me to smell your stinky feet or armpits. You are such a silly boy!

I see you getting older because now you can sit in a booster seat instead of the 5 point harness car seat. You can buckle yourself in and even help buckle up Troy. You sure are growing into a tall boy.

You are big enough to know when I need extra help with the little kids when they aren't listening. You try to help out by getting them to dress or brush their teeth. You even read books to them. You can carry the youngest around on your hip. You're helpful by reminding me what I went downstairs to get or why I went into the kitchen.

You use to say "I ju ju!" Which meant "Hold me!" You loved to be carried around everywhere. I can remember when you were 2 years old I held you while climbing "The Devil's Tower" while on a vacation to South Dakota. You are now about 65 pounds and I can still hold you. Sometimes, you still like me to carry you upstairs. It may be a sad day when I can not hold you anymore.

I can tell you're growing because you are less picky with eating the meals I prepare. A couple years ago you wouldn't even try a bite of my homemade 'Chicken Pot Pie' but now you will eat what's on your plate. 1st grade has made you a hungry boy. Before supper you will ask me "What's for supper tonight, Mama?"You bring your dishes to the sink after every meal and rarely spill any food.

You pray out loud before supper on behalf of your family thanking God for the food, praising Him for family, asking Daddy to be protected on his way home from work and asking Him to forgive us of our sins. Before you get on the bus I pray over you and if I forget, you remind me. I love that!

I can tell you are growing in your faith because you know what is right and wrong. You hear not good words and you tell me. God has a strong place in your heart and I am so thankful. Nanny reads you your "Sugar Creek Gang" chapter books. They are Christian books and some of the characters haven't found God, yet. You've remarked that you wish a friend from school would know God. You understand that faith in God is important.

You want to wear "Levi's" like Daddy. They are the only kind of jeans you like to wear. You complete your outfit with a Daddy. You prefer wearing Viking's jerseys, camo or baseball shirts rather than the Lightning McQueen or Batman shirts you use to enjoy wearing. You wanted a camo coat so bad this school year. It is your favorite to wear.

When we go to the store you take a "No" more maturely rather than having a temper tantrum on the floor like you did when you were a toddler. You understand that I can't buy you everything you want. You even remind Troy if he wants something. You are helpful at the grocery store by reminding me that we need milk or strawberries.

You are more choosy of when I take your photo. You will run away or get embarrassed if I take a photo of you and put it on Instagram unless of course it's of you bow hunting or fishing. You still enjoy taking photos with me, though. Thank goodness :)!

(Photo by: Crystal's Photography)

(Photo by: Crystal's Photography)

I see you getting older because you don't need your baby blanket anymore and are perfectly happy cuddling with your camouflage comforter at night. You go to bed without a fuss. You sleep through the night in your own bed. When you were younger you would come into our bed every night to be as close as possible to Mom and Dad. The other day you came downstairs because you had a bad dream. I was grateful you did. You then slept in our bed comfortably.

Austin, I am so very proud to be your Mom. God has blessed me in a grand way by giving you to me and Daddy. I love you more than you will ever know. You were my first born son and I will think of you as my "First Baby" forever.

(Photo by: Crystal's Photography)

I love you!

Love Forever, Mommy

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