Friday, November 7, 2014

My Friday Faves!


Today, I'm linking up with these ladies...

For Friday Favorites!
My Favorite Letter...

1.) Over the past month I've been reflecting on all the ways I see my 6 year old son growing up. I'm been jotting all the little things down to compile them into a special letter to him. I cried and laughed a bit while writing it. I got such sweet comments on my facebook page about how it made some of my girlfriends tear up and also make them grateful to be a Mom.

You can read it HERE if you'd like.

Do you see your oldest growing up quickly before your eyes? I sure do. It's bittersweet. I'm excited for him to be growing up but sad because I so wish I could go back to his baby or toddler years. I am so grateful for the (little) man he is becoming :). 

Some of my Favorite purchases...

2.) I've been looking for a cute plaid top and finally found one I really (really) love! The fabric is soft and so comfortable.

However, the one I got is now out of stock. Bummer! But here is a similar one. 

3.) I finally got the scarf that Erika from A Little Bit of Everything  and Mix and Match Mama have been raving about. And they were right about it! It's fab!! I ordered 2 (2 for $38). 1 for me and 1 to gift. Double fab!

Here I am in the 'Denim Blue' color. That color is not available but there are 27 other colors. Many choices.

Check them out here.

4.) I had to try out these earrings because they were only $8! Did I like them?


They are good quality (not great) and beautiful statement (big) earrings. I love the turquoise color. 

Click here to see them.

 5.)  So this favorite moment happened this week. Here's the story: Austin was working on his homework at the table and Troy wanted homework, too. So I gave him one of his PreK worksheets to do. He didn't want to do it. So very quietly Austin did his "homework" for him. Then he said "Good Job, Troy!" I smiled at Austin and asked him if he did it. He gave me a big guilty smile and said no. #alreadycoveringforhisbro #friendsforlife 

Too cute!

6.) And my sweet Troy boy fell asleep on my shoulder this past week! Favorite!! I love my kids so much!!

Happy Weekend to you. 

What are some of your favorites of the past week?

Jamie :)


  1. I have had two of those scarves in my Nordstroms bag for months.....there are so many colors to choose from and I cannot decide which one I want!!

    1. I know it! I had such a hard time deciding, too! :)

  2. I love when my kiddos unexpectedly fall asleep on me too!! I have been eyeing those scarves too!!!

  3. It is the very best thing! :) Happy day to you!

  4. Love that infinity scarf on you!
    Those earrings are gorgeous :)
    Hope you've had a nice weekend, Jamie!!

    1. Rachel, Thank you so much! The weekend was great. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, too! :)