Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Bucket List

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"What's on...... Your Bucket List?"

1.) I would love to go to Montana someday! And I know my boys would have an awesome time there. I usually like to go to a beach but it'd be fun to do something THEY would enjoy. Look at how beautiful the mountains are. I'm sure fishing and hunting would be spectacular there.

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2.) I would love to go on a Mission's trip out of the Country. I enjoyed going on a few with my Church when I was a teen. It would be the very best experience to go with my whole family...serving together. To have some deep and life changing moments with my kids would be amazing.

3.)I want to lead several people to Christ. I would love to be able to say the "Sinner's prayer" with them and see the change in their life. Amazing! :) My Mom told me that every time we talk to someone about Christ we are planting a seed. But it might take the 12th person to actually help that seed grow.  

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4.)Skydiving!! I can't believe I'm saying that! But really, I would love to go skydiving with my hubby...as long as we are very safely secured ;). They actually have a Skydiving place close to my home. Nice and close...perfect!

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5.) In the next couple years I want to take my kiddos to Disney World. I went when I was younger and had such a fun time. Very memorable. My sweet friend just took her daughter and their pictures were so pretty. It looked like they had a super fun time!

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6.) Go road tripping. It'd be fun driving across the US with my whole family together in an RV.

7.) Go to Alaska with my Dad. He always is talking about how much he loves Alaska and I would love to go with him and some family members someday. It'd be a great surprise for him! He would enjoy fishing there, too. He went there many many years ago. 

Seriously how pretty is that?!

early morning view of Wonder Lake and Mt. Mckinley in Denali
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8.) I would love to help assist troubled teenagers with some sort of outreach program to encourage, strengthen and develop or strengthen their faith. 
Also, I really want to be an advocate on the prevention of pulmonary embolisms. That hits close to my heart as I had a family member suffer from one last year. 

What's on your bucket list?

Jamie :)

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