Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's a Battle Field...

So yesterday we were getting ready to have an awesome play date with a friend and her kiddos. I didn't want to be late. Troy would not get his shirt on. He fussed and ran away from me. I tried the "We're not going to play with our friends, then. We'll stay home if you can't get your shirt on."
Still wouldn't. So I just put it on against his will. Then he was really not happy. He didn't like the plain old shirt I picked out. 
So I gave up. I said "fine, then just go put on any shirt you want." 
He went into his room while I was continuing to get ready. He was in there several minutes. And he comes out smiling and said "Jesus Saves, Bro!" while wearing that shirt.
Seriously? That just melted my entire heart! Out of all the shirts he could've chose he picked out that one. 
The cutest + sweetest one with the best meaning. 
I was so frustrated and finally just let that 3.5 year old pick out his own shirt and he was happy. 

Because you and I both know if a kid doesn't want to do something...they aren't going to do it! :)

That's where some major battles need to be chosen. I will fight until the end for my child to sit in their car seat buckled in and to wear appropriately warm clothing for the freezing winter weather. But sometimes, if they want to wear a different shirt or pants that don't match. Does it really matter that much? Nope. 

Choose the'll be happy you did! :)

Jamie :)

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