Monday, November 17, 2014

Snow has arrived

We now have snow! As of November 10th. 

It's like winter came overnight. 

These kids sure are happy to have snow again. When they woke up to it, they were almost in disbelief. Troy was saying "LOOK! Snow, Mommy!" The yard was so pretty with a crisp white blanket of snow. So fresh and beautiful! However, it was dangerous for driving in. My prayers went out to all those who had to drive in it.
 Last week there was a snow day on Monday and a 2 hour late start on Tuesday. The boys had a blast playing outside together. I went out one day with Austin and we started building a little snow cave. Austin loves that! He had a blast playing in the one we made last year. 

The weather is cold but I will say I am ready for it. WE are ready for it. Especially those 2 cuties down there. 

I mean...just look at those adorable 'lil faces :)! Troy's looks a bit cold but don't let that fool you...he loved being in the snow. In fact, he was helping Daddy shovel the snow in the driveway and he helped plow the driveway on the 4-wheeler with Dad. 

A little snow wrestling :)!

True Minnesotans! 

Jamie :)

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